The Bill Of Rights… Have American’s Surrendered Them?

Way back at the beginning of the Republic, the men who founded it decided that We the People needed a little help to be sure that government tyranny would not rise to destroy what they hadLiberty Slate created. So far, thanks to the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the nation’s founding document, unlike most of the rest of the world, We the People enjoy freedom of speech, freedom to own a firearm, freedom from the government coming into our homes and lives and snooping without just cause and much more.

At least we’re supposed to have those freedoms. According to the people who control the most powerful vehicles of communication in the country, we really shouldn’t have those freedoms, and they have taken it upon themselves to deprive us of them.

The 1st Amendment

Take Facebook, the poster child of social media worldwide. Not only are they collecting all sorts of information about us whether we are signed up or not, but they sell that information. In addition, the powers that be at the platform decide what meets their “community standards” and what is considered “hate speech” and “dangerous” to the audience, as if we can’t figure that out on our own.

The 2nd Amendment

Then there are all the gun control advocates populating the airwaves saying that Americans need to give up our guns for the safety of “the children” due to wackjobs shooting up schools. When it is suggested that maybe armed people on the campuses might take down such dangerous shooters, the pragmatic suggestion is shouted down. No, no no. The gun grabbers say. It’s better to have no guns at all…never mind that no rational army will invade the country since the people are armed. Yeah, that part always seems to be forgotten.

The 4th Amendment

And then there’s the matter of the scooping up of all things Americans do online. Granted the people leave themselves open when they conduct business on the internet, but all of that information is stored and can be used against the victim in a public forum at least.

If that is not enough to concern you about your right to be free in your person, place, and things, consider Robert Mueller’s little stunt the other day… No, wait… I keep forgetting he just passed along a tip to someone else that resulted in the President’s personal attorney having his door kicked in and all of his client’s information taken from him…

Think about it, if we have reached a point where the thugs at the FBI will do that to the President, how safe do you think your attorney-client privilege is now?

Really, all of this is messaged to the point that it looks like there is a massive conspiracy to not just deprive Americans of our rights, but to convince us that we don’t even have them.

Good luck with that.






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