Mark Zuckerberg BOMBARDED With Questions On Capitol Hill

There are those of us in America who are what one might call fashion snobs. We actually believe that one should dress for the occasion. A man’s child gets Baptized, he should wear a suit, or at the very least dress trousers and a tie. One goes to a funeral, ditch the jeans. Be subpoenaed to testify on Capitol Hill, wear ANYTHING other than hoodies and shorts.

It looks like Facebook frontman Mark Zuckerberg got the message. For his turn on a Congressional Committee Hot Seat, he attempted to look respectable and donned an actual suit for his grilling. The internet fashion police at entertainment rag TMZ noticed.

The Facebook honcho went traditional biz attire — dark suit, blue tie — as he showed up on Capitol Hill Monday morning for meetings with lawmakers.

And just why is the normal college dud clad Zuck f—, uh, on the hot seat.

Zuck is scheduled to testify this week for Senate and Congressional committees looking into the Facebook privacy scandal. FB’s been under fire because the data of 87 million users was allegedly accessed to influence the 2016 presidential election.

How any thinking and otherwise rational adult could imagine that their information would be private when being posted to a very public social media site is something that should be addressed by the educational system. In the meantime, watching the people who really didn’t care much about the rights of their customers have to put on binding grown-up clothes and face the music is rather gratifying.

At least for his hearing, Mr. Zuckerberg went with a classic look. Seriously, this is the sort of attire that should be in every man’s wardrobe. Just one suit that fits that can be worn for weddings, funerals, and state occasions. Oh, and child’s Baptism. (Seriously, leave the jeans and plaid flannel shirts at home.)

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