“I’m The Majority!”: Gun Owner SHOCKS City Council With BRILLIANT 2nd Amendment Rant That’s Going Viral

The left’s fight against the 2nd amendment is beginning to backfire big time as gun owners across the country are taking a stand.Liberty Slate

A patriotic resident of Greensboro, North Carolina named Mark Robinson, recently stood in front of his city council and gave a speech about gun rights that’s getting quite a bit of attention.

In the video, Mr. Robinson explains why passing laws that restrict law abiding citizens from getting guns is NOT the answer.

” You can take the guns away from us all you want to. You all write a law, I’ll follow the law. I’ll bring my guns down here and turn them in, but here’s what’s going to happen. The Crips and the Bloods on the other side of town, they’re not going to turn their guns in. They are going to hold on to them”

Like most responsible gun owners in America, Mr. Robinson is sick of watching his rights get trampled on, and he has had enough!

“I’ve heard people in here talking in here tonight about this group and that group, domestic violence and blacks, these minorities and that minority. What I want to know is, when are you going to start standing up for the majority? And here’s who the majority is… I’M THE MAJORITY!”

We need more Americans to have the courage to speak out like Mark Robinson. Liberals claim that gun owners are paranoid and that no one is coming to take our guns, but that is a lie.

It is already happening. Deerfield, Illinois just passed a law banning “assault weapons”. If residents refuse to turn in their guns, they are fined up to $1,000 dollars a day.

Deerfield Village Board stated that the weapons are “not reasonably necessary to protect an individual’s right of self-defense” or to preserve a well-regulated militia.

Like Mr. Robinson said, the responsible gun owners of America are being punished instead of the criminals. The law abiding gun owners of this country need to ban together and fight back against this gun control movement.

Our right to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our country will NOT be infringed!

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