IG Report Discloses Secret Conspiracy From Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe To Shield Clinton

loretta lynch

Journalist Tracy Beanz revealed compromising evidence about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch hidden deep in the report from the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General that was issued last week.

In a series of tweets, Beanz discloses detailed information on how the OIG report states Lynch looks to have issued threats to reopen the case into Eric Garner if the New York Police Department made public information about former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

As noted by The Gateway Pundit, Weiner was being under investigation at the time by the NYPD and DOJ for sending and receiving lewd text messages with an underage girl.

The NYPD confiscated Weiner’s personal laptop during the investigation and discovered hundreds of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Weiner’s wife at the time, Huma Abedin, has served for Clinton for over a decade. So Abedin and Clinton’s work emails from the State Department, which included classified information, were on Weiner’s computer. That computer was in the NYPD’s possession.

All of this was made known and announced in late October 2016, which was just before the presidential election.

Trying to, most probably, protect Clinton from more public inquiry the OIG report strongly suggests Lynch threatened to reopen the Garner case — which involved the NYPD fatally shooting an African American — if officers disclosed damaging information about Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s laptop.

In her second tweet listed above, the OIG report reveals that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was acquainted with the information about Clinton discovered on Weiner’s laptop.

The report states McCabe became aware of the Clinton-Abedin-Weiner laptop fiasco in September 2016. However, he sat on that information for one month and allegedly hasn’t taken any action at the FBI related to the case.

On Oct. 24, 2016, ABC News reported that Lynch replaced the whole federal investigative team handling the Garner case with a completely new team.
This tells a lot, because as ABC News implies, it seems that Lynch was trying to install a new team of DOJ investigators that wanted to accuse NYPD officers of killing Garner.

One could rationally dispute that Lynch took advantage of her new team to threaten the NYPD that she would accuse its officers and start a complete investigation into the department if any information about the Clinton-Abedin-Weiner scandal is made public.

The OIG report states that on Oct. 26, 2016, just two days later, McCabe gave an authorization about leaks from the FBI to The Wall Street Journal about the Clinton email investigation.

Below is a screenshot from Beanz of the OIG report detailing the admission:

The report stated McCabe was dismissed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions over giving false information at least four times when questioned about permitting leaks about Clinton’s presidential campaign.

McCabe lied about giving official permission of high-level leaks from the bureau to the Journal in October 2016. The report clearly states that McCabe disclosed information to tone down the nature of the investigation into Clinton’s private email scandal and “pay-for-play” accusations involving her foundation.

The report also said McCabe told investigators he had a “hastily convened conference call with LL (Loretta Lynch) who delivers the same message about leaks with a focus on leaks in the Eric Garner case.”

Why was Lynch on a call with McCabe and Diego G.Rodriguez, the assistant director in charge of the FBI s New York Field Office, to discuss Weiner’s laptop and the information it contained about Clinton?

Why did McCabe leak information to the Journal that downplayed the severity of the bureau’s investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on the same day he spoke to Lynch?

Collectively, this presents a strong argument that Lynch threatened to reopen the case into Garner so McCabe and others would keep a tight lid on the Clinton email investigation.

Why would they do this? Because they wanted Clinton to win the election.

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