Ted Nugent Gives Anti-Gun Students the SPANKING They Deserve, Now His Brilliant Message is Going Viral

Ted Nugent

On March 24th, thousands of brain-washed children are going to protest in Washington to demand that our SecondLiberty Slate Amendment right be taken away. Well, loyal NRA member Ted Nugent isn’t having it. He took to Facebook to personally address these kids, and explained to them that guns are NOT the problem.


“Evil always finds a way to do monstrous and evil things.

No politician, no sheriff, no bigwig at the FBI, no teacher or administrator, heart shattered parent etc., has told you that.

Clear thinking people know that we can’t legislate or ban evil. Evil plays by its own evil rules.

Evil is armed and it’s impossible to disarm. The only way to stop evil is for good guys with guns to fill evil full of holes.

You can’t ban hurricanes so smart people fortify our homes. You can’t ban water so smart people learn to swim. When coyotes kill the cats, you don’t declaw the cats.

We are once again witnessing a tsunami of emotions blinding people to the truth. We hear ravings of “we must do something!”

It is time to allow and encourage such responsible Americans to be armed and capable of defending innocent lives.

Unarmed and helpless is an irresponsible and suicidal condition and choice. End it now.

Of the estimated 20+ million AR-style rifles in the hands of Americans, 99.9999 of them will NEVER be used in the commission of any crime whatsoever.

Do something my ass. I call bullshit.”


Lets be honest, this isn’t about guns, it’s about control.  Those on the left are targeting impressionable children in the same way mass shooters target gun free zones.

The indoctrination of our children is at fever pitch, and it’s never been more important to speak the truth. Thank you Mr. Nugent for taking a stand and defending our rights!


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