Schwarzenegger Survives Heart Surgery, Has Diagnosis For The Republican Party

A small percentage of the population is born with defective heart valves. Usually, the issue can be corrected with open heart procedures to replace them. That is the situation former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger found himself in about twenty years ago. Recently, the replacement valve was replaced, and even though the man was facing yet another chest cracking, the former actor had sharp words for the Republican party.

Earlier this week, the former California governor spoke to CNN about the changes in the Republican party, noting that its lack of diversity and ability to reach across the aisle are leading to decreased numbers.

“Since then the party has decreased and now has only a 26 percent popularity overall and so it is dying and I see it like the Titanic,” he said. “The only thing is that we don’t have to go under completely. We don’t have to wait for that moment. Let’s change and let’s go and be more open and go back to this kind of like big tent idea of Ronald Reagan.”


This sometimes critic of the Trump Administration is going to say this even though Trump himself got more votes from diverse populations than just about any other politician in the nation’s history?

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Seriously, Arnold, the reason why the tent is collapsing around Republicans in the party is that when in power, they don’t deliver on campaign promises, something that Donald Trump HAS done, and when he has needed to, he has dragged the party with him kicking and screaming. The truth is that once in Washington, there isn’t much difference in the two groups, Republicans and Democrats, and the tent can be open, but when it comes down to it, if the people see that the party’s heart isn’t into doing the will of those in the heartland, yeah, Americans are going to walk away.

It has nothing to do with diversity, Arnold. It’s more about integrity and fortitude.

Otherwise, yes, rearranging the deck chairs is not a bad description.

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