Obama Official Makes Snotty Comment On Trump’s Summit With North Korea But Forgets His Past

When news came out of Washington that President Donald Trump had managed to broker a summit, even if it isn’t scheduled yet, with the little dictator of North Korea, the world of politics was stunned. This, simply, had never been achieved before. (It probably wasn’t ever attempted, either, but that rarely gets a mention.) Shock and awe was the reaction of the day from many a formerLiberty Slate foreign policy diplomat.

One former Obama lackey, on the other hand, was downright dismissive.

Former President Barack Obama official Tommy Vietor sent out a snarky tweet on Thursday saying Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un wouldn’t be a major accomplishment.

“Why would the Trump administration announce this like it’s an accomplishment?” wrote the Former National Security Council spokesman. “It’s a conversation with a homicidal dictator not an invitation to the Met Gala.”

Pardon one fairly cultured American’s amazement, but we’re talking nuclear disarmament verses a white tie fundraising concert. The two have absolutely nothing in common.

It’s not like American presidents don’t talk to communist dictators from time to time.

In response to his incompetent tweet, National Review columnist Dan McLaughlin reminded Vietor that Obama met with Cuban dictator Raul Castro — twice.

And still…Guantanamo Bay is still open, the State Department has pulled all unnecessary personnel from the island due to an infrasound weapon being used on them, and Castro is still responsible for an unknown number of deaths.

That isn’t the point that Vietor refused to acknowledge:

North Korea agreed to denuclearize its program and end all missile tests to have the meeting, which was made possible by the crippling sanctions the U.S. has imposed on the regime.

Apparently that means nothing to Vietor, but a cringe-worthy interview he had with Fox News in 2014 with host Bret Baier over the Benghazi attack encapsulates his thought process.

Vietor argued conservatives should simply get over Benghazi because it “was, like, two years ago.”

He also called Baier, “Dude.”

Yeah, this is THAT guy. “Whatever” is a perfectly acceptable response to his opinion.

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