Illegals: They Have A “Right” To Abortion…Or Do They?

Color this writer confused, but since when do illegal aliens have rights in the country in which they are squatting? That goes not just for the United States but any other location that finds itself overrun with people who are living within the borders without the benefit of citizenship.Liberty Slate

That SHOULD be the fundamental question behind the words of  Scott Lloyd of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Mr. Lloyd contends, and most Americans will agree on the sanctity of life grounds let alone constitutional rights grounds, that illegal aliens do not have a “right” to obtain an abortion while camping out in the USA.

According to The Hill, the ACLU hit at Scott Lloyd for his comments regarding the constitutional basis for illegal immigrants obtaining abortions:

In a deposition Lloyd gave in December, he replied “yes” when asked if he believed undocumented minors have “no constitutional right to abortion.”

The ACLU has battled the Trump administration over the policy, representing four pregnant undocumented minors who had been blocked from getting abortions.

In three cases, the girls were able to get abortions while the fourth was released to a sponsor.

Being able to obtain the procedure to kill an unborn child is not the same as having a right to do that. Most abortion providers don’t look at citizenship status when they run the credit card before getting started. That didn’t stop the ACLU from making an actual federal case out of it.

On the ACLU’s lawsuit to give illegal immigrants the right to abortion, LifeNews has more:

In November, the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the policy in an attempt to create a right to abortion on demand for any woman or girl who steps on U.S. soil.

Lloyd has borne the brunt of the negative publicity, but ACLU attorneys have been accused of unethical behavior at least twice involving the matter.

In November, the Trump administration said the pro-abortion legal group deceived the government about when an illegal immigrant teen’s abortion was scheduled. The government said this prevented it from appealing a court ruling that forced Lloyd’s office to help facilitate the girl’s abortion.

Then, earlier this month, another pregnant illegal immigrant minor said she felt pressured by pro-abortion attorneys to sign paperwork allowing them to represent her.

Gee, imagine that. The ACLU acting badly in order to get their way. Some things never change.

What they want to change, though, when it comes to abortion rights should be fought at a universal level, not just when it comes to illegal aliens.

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