If You Think Syria Is Dangerous You Might Be SHOCKED By These Dangerous Locations

It had to happen sometime. A non-profit group dug into the raw statistics of the murder per capita rate of the world’s cities and has come upLiberty Slate with a list of fifty that are the most deadly based on murder per 100,000 residents (meaning those with smaller populations were ranked higher despite fewer murders per weekend than Chicago).

In the United States, five of the more notorious cities made the list:

#13 St. Louis
#21 Baltimore
#32 San Juan
#41 New Orleans
#42 Detroit

How and why these cities landed on the list is by strict statistics. Americans would argue that Chicago, Washington, New York, and Los Angeles really should be a part of the list, but those four cities are among the nation’s largest, thus making the PER CAPITA murder rate lower even if more people die.

There are countless analyses about why these specific cities landed on this list. St. Louis is blamed on Ferguson, which didn’t help, but probably was not the sole cause considering the number of interstates that intersect in the area, and the drugs that travel through. Baltimore also had riots (and an idiot for a mayor), and that is considered a factor. San Juan is a center of a lot of drug trafficking (hey ho!) and that is a big part of their issues. New Orleans…it’s New Orleans. And Detroit, well, it’s the poster child for why low tariffs are a REALLY bad idea.

Talk to people from any of these metropolises and most residents actually aren’t all that worried. (The people in the suburbs are, but the city dwellers know how to take care of themselves, and what areas to avoid.)

Lists like this one, that highlight a single factor of living in a city are in many ways a disservice to them. At least four are trying to make come backs from some devastating economic woes that really came from bad trade deals and international headquarter consolidation. That is not the fault of the people – nor is it an accurate commentary on what some of these places have to offer those who visit and are careful about how they conduct themselves.


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