Animated Character From “FROZEN” Goes SuperMan And Rescues Boston Police During Blizzard

Some people will do anything for a laugh. In Boston, that someone is a lawyer by the name of Jason Triplett. Just for fun, he bought a Queen (or Princess, one or the other) Elsa costume, she of the Disney hit “Frozen” and sat on the thing until the time was right to make his debut.Liberty Slate

The opportunity presented itself when Boston was enveloped in the snow in the last week. What Triplett wasn’t counting on, though, was the video of him pushing a police vehicle free of snow while wearing the dress going viral.

But when a police wagon got stuck outside the Gallows gastropub where Triplett and his friends were hanging out, the Disney heroine in him went out into the storm and single-handedly helped push the van out of the snow.

The act of bravery was caught on camera by Christopher Haynes, another patron at the bar. The video has since gone viral with more than 1.5 million views, with people hailing “Elsa” as a true queen.

Triplett said that he sitting by the window of the Gallows having drinks with friends when a police officer came in and got an order to go.

After the officer got back into his wagon parked outside the bar, Triplett saw that his wheels were spinning out as the vehicle was stuck in a snow bank.

Triplett said that “for a laugh” he decided to go out and push the wagon out of the snow.

For a laugh, huh. Getting stuck and unstuck in the snow is not a laughing matter for most people. Helping a police officer out in that situation while dressed like a Disney princess, on the other hand, people will be laughing about it for years.

Every now and then a queen really can show the world what it means to be a man.

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