What this Unemployed Mom did with MILLIONS of her Lottery Winnings Will Disgust You…



When Marie Holmes won the 188 MILLION dollar jackpot in the North Carolina Powerball, she told everyone that the money would be used to support her four kids, one of which has cerebral palsy. Holmes was unemployed and on welfare and her fiance, Lamar (Hot Sauce) McDow, was in jail. McDow, accused of trafficking and intending to sell heroin, has a long criminal history that includes assault and drug possession convictions.

He was arrested following a year long investigation into drug trafficking rings and charged with trafficking heroin and possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver heroin.

Sounds like a classy guy right? Great man to have around your FOUR kids who you couldn’t provide for in the first place.

While “hot sauce” was behind bars, Holmes won the $188 million Powerball jackpot. She took home $88 million after taxes when she decided to take the lump sum.

So what did she immediately do after picking up the money? She used 9 MILLION DOLLARS to bail her thug fiance out of jail…TWICE!

Heroin dealing hubby leaving jail

Heroin dealing hubby leaving jail

Prosecutors said she bailed him out of jail once before, paying $3 million in March just weeks after she won the lottery and paid 6 million last week when he was arrested again.

Now, it’s her money and she is entitled to do whatever she wants with it, but my God what kind of example are you setting for your kids? She seemed very concerned about her children when she was holding a giant check and crying, “This is all for them, All the struggle I ever went through, it’s all for them. Money doesn’t change it, but money’s going to help me.”

So far, it looks like the only person the money has really helped is your heroin dealer fiance, who will soon be the step father ( I’m guessing) to your kids!

Ugh, people like this disgust me! 9 Million dollars is a life changing amount of money that could have went to her kids and the kids they will one day have. But instead she chose to send the message that breaking the law is okay and she actually PAID to have the criminal around her children. What the hell is wrong with this mother? 20 bucks says I know who she voted for!

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