U.S. Marine Shares View On Guns And Mental Health

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By now everyone has heard about Nikolas Cruz shooting up the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that has resulted in 17 deaths so far with more still in critical condition in the hospital.

The questions that immediately follow one of these tragedies have not changed since they first became popular following the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999. The liberals immediately begin calling for more gun laws before the blood has even started to dry and the Republicans counter their attack on guns with the mental health argument.

Then, of course, as hard as it is to believe, the two parties actually agree on one thing… That one thing is the “See something, say something mantra.” What they don’t seem to address is the truth and reality behind these things.

In regard to the liberal cry for more gun laws, most of the “new laws” they call for are already in place, background investigations are already required to purchase a firearm and anyone who has been involuntarily committed for psychiatric care is intelligible.

Of course, as we have seen over the past several years none of these things are worth a damn if the people charged with investigating and enforcing these things are not worth a damn.

Take the last three shooting massacres that have taken place in Florida for example. In June of 2016, there was a whack job that killed 49 people at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Law enforcement and the FBI had contact with him on more than one occasion and all the warning signs were there, but his file was closed and the rest is history.

Then in January 2016, just over one year ago, another loon got off of a flight at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport retrieved his firearm from the baggage claim area and proceeded to shoot the place up killing five innocent unexpecting souls. They were the only ones not expecting him to snap though… He himself had actually tried to seek help from the FBI because he feared he was going to do something bad. In fact, the FBI had run his crazy ass right out of their Alaska Field Office not long before he got on the flight to Ft. Lauderdale.

Then we have the most recent incident in Florida where another whack job shot up a high school killing 17 people… And guess what? Not only did this kid send out all the warning signs to everyone he came in contact with, we learned today that someone who knew him well called the FBI tip line in January and told them straight up that the kid was going to shoot up the high school… You know, see something, say something right? Well, guess what the FBI did? You might expect that they would send the information to the local FBI field office or perhaps notify local law enforcement so they could follow up on the situation. Nope, they did NOTHING!

If our nation’s premier law enforcement agency that we are being told almost daily of late are unable to get their act together, banning firearms and creating more gun free zones will surely do nothing but get more people killed and if they can not do any better than they have been, I don’t even see how improved access to mental health treatment will do any good because no one in charge can be relied on to do what they are supposed to be doing.

The liberal mindset is destroying our country. Patriotism is no longer important, sex does not matter, who you sleep with, no longer matter… If it feels good do it and don’t forget… YOU are special and the world owes you… Failure is not tolerated… No one learns how to handle disappointment anymore or how to stand themselves back up after being knocked down… We are becoming a completely apathetic undisciplined society of idiots with no social skills.

American’s have already been stripped of every bit of liberty our founders fought for and we have allowed OUR government to take control of our lives from A to Z… Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this… What can you do that does not require permission from the government? Can you build a house on the property you own without a permit? NO! Can you put an addition on your house without a permit? NO! Can you walk into the woods and hunt to feed your family without a permit? NO! Can you fish without a permit? NO! Drive? NO! Own a vehicle without registering it and getting a permit from the government to drive it? NO! Get married? NO! Divorced? NO! Even the one Constitutional Amendment that very clearly states “shall not be infringed” has been infringed upon and you can not own a firearm without a government record being made and having permission granted from the government.

We are given the illusion of being free because we are allowed to make all the money we want, provided we fork over a good chunk to the government, drive our big cars, fast cars, live in nice homes, eat the best food, etc., but freedom? liberty? By what standard? Sorry, I love America and consider myself a patriot… One day this country will need Patriots again… Right now we don’t have much value and are considered more of a threat than an asset, but one day even the illusion of freedom will disappear and eventually the people will have enough.

Our founders were smart men though… Even they knew that people are more prone to suffer than make any significant sacrifice to change, but they did recognize everyone has a breaking point.

That brings me to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and all these liberals who want to ban the AR-15 because it looks evil and like something Marines carry on the battlefield. I just love the argument that we don’t need an AR-15 to hunt with or that our founders had muskets when the 2nd Amendment was written.

If one knows anything about the founders intent for the 2nd Amendment and why it was and remains so important, it is not so we could hunt, rather it is intended to ensure the people have a means to defend themselves against a rogue government that gets out of control. Follow that logic and we should be allowed to own tanks and artillery.

The Constitution places NO obligation on the government to protect the individual either… We are responsible for our own personal defense. Don’t believe me, try and sue the police if they don’t respond to your call and you get hurt. The Supreme Wise One’s have ruled that the police have NO DUTY to protect the individual so in times of crisis the armed citizen will be a prepared citizen.

If guns were the reason people go on killing sprees like we have experienced in recent history, they would have been occurring with the same consistent frequency since the Republica was founded.

Those of you over 50 no doubt remember a time when we drove to school with shotguns and rifles hangin up on a rack in the rear of our pickup trucks and when high schools had shooting ranges and shooting teams and kids carried their rifles to and from school… No one ever walked in and started shooting the school up yet a lot of kids had guns in their cars.

It seems like many of these politicians in Washington have forgotten those days. These shootings began with Columbine in 1999. No, it was not the first time a nut job shot at innocent people, but there were very few.

And for those of you who think it takes an AR-15 to shoot and kill a lot of people, let me tell you about Charles Whitman. Most of you know of him but for those who do not and as a reminder, Charles Whitman climbed a tower at the University of Texas in 1966 and with a single shot bolt action rifle shot 46 people killing 14 and seriously wounding 31. A 15 victim died in 2001 from injuries sustained that day. Whitman had killed his wife and mother the night before he climbed the tower.

Rifle Used By Charles Whitman. Shot 46 People Killing 14 Wounding 31 others.

He created that carnage without an AR-15… For 90 minutes he had his way with a bolt action rifle scoring hits at up to 500 yards away. Of course, this was one of the rare occasions in history when a trained U.S Marine turned on the people he took an oath to protect, but to give you an idea how much things have changed over the years… Charles Whitman had told his psychiatrist he was having fits of uncontrollable anger and violent impulses. He actually left a note asking that an autopsy be performed on his brain to see if he had any mental disorders after his death.

The problem is and has ALWAYS been a mental health issue and frankly a public awareness and education issue, but passing gun laws is the easy feel-good solution. It solves nothing, but it makes everyone feel good.

The mental health issue is not going to be an easy one to solve though… Contrary to the nonsense being tossed around by the talking heads, in the land of the free, you can’t just put someone in a straight jacket because they seem a little different than most people.

There was a Marine I served with at one of the Embassies I served at and the entire detachment thought one Marine was a bit off kilt… And believe me, when Marines think one of their own is a tad off kilt, you know he is one weird Hombre… LOL

Issues were reported, the Marine was investigated and evaluated and eventually went on with his life as we all did… A few years ago a reporter started tracking us all down that were stationed with him asking questions about him… He was working abroad and cut his female supervisors throat from ear to ear and is now serving life in prison there. Were we surprised to hear this? Not one of us were surprised he ended up doing such a thing. Did we do everything we could at the time to bring attention to him? Yes? But in the end, in America, you just can’t toss people away in a cell because they are strange.

If you have ever tried to help someone get mental health care you know it is damn near impossible if they have not actually made an attempt to hurt themselves or someone else and even then, if you do get them held against their will, as soon as they can speak an intelligent sentence and tell everyone they no longer want to hurt themselves or anyone else they get kicked to the curb with no support no help with medication—nothing! It’s a terribly flawed system we have.

If you are interested in a more in-depth understanding of what it is like dealing with the mental healthcare system in America, I wrote this article after the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting titled “Why didn’t someone say something?” I think you will find it informative and you can access it by clicking here.

I can not emphasize to everyone enough how important it is for us to put pressure on our elected officials to improve the mental health system in this country… Until people have easy non-judgmental access to mental health care, these shootings will continue as will other crimes committed by people with personality disorders.

God Bless!


A Concerned Marine

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