Laura Ingraham SLAM DUNKS LeBron James

Why is it when people puffed up on their own name recognition, i.e., sports stars, actors and other celebrities, start spouting their mouths off about politics, they’re shocked when the people who live and breathe the swamp air of Washington challenge their opinions and assertions?

It happened this week when Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, a man who plays basketball for nine figures a year, opened his mouth and criticized President Donald Trump regarding the most recent school shooting in Florida. Naturally, what he had to say was a regurgitation of other rhetoric out there, and so radio and television host Laura Ingraham challenged him to a debate after critiquing the grammar and clarity of James’s opinions as presented by him.

Ooh. Provocative.

Of course, this evoked reaction from others in the never-Trump rhetoric and debate club among the people who play with balls for a living.

The evening Fox News host took criticism from a list of sports figures and at least one entertainer after she criticized James. Included among the attackers were Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, Philadelphia Eagles DE Chris Long, Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant, and actress Ellen Pompeo.Liberty Slate

What these people fail to understand is that Ingraham is a pro at this. She’s also not one to just sit back and let the entertainment class bash figures like President Trump simply because their names are known to more people than hers is.

Fox News has since released a statement from Laura Ingraham answering to her critics:

“In 2003, I wrote a New York Times bestseller called ‘Shut Up & Sing,’ in which I criticized celebrities like the Dixie Chicks & Barbra Streisand who were trashing then-President George W. Bush. I have used a variation of that title for more than 15 years to respond to performers who sound off on politics. I’ve told Robert DeNiro to ‘Shut Up & Act,’ Jimmy Kimmel to ‘Shut Up & Make Us Laugh,’ and just this week told the San Antonio Spurs’ Gregg Popovich to ‘Shut up & Coach.’ If pro athletes and entertainers want to freelance as political pundits, then they should not be surprised when they’re called out for insulting politicians. There was no racial intent in my remarks – false, defamatory charges of racism are a transparent attempt to immunize entertainment and sports elites from scrutiny and criticism. Additionally, we stated on my show that these comments came from an ESPN podcast, which was not the case – the content was unaffiliated with ESPN.”

Seriously, LeBron, shut-up and dribble or be prepared to back your insults with facts, not popular memes and assertions that reinforce what some puppetmaster wants the world to think about our current president.

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