Iowa Voters SHOCK CNN During A Discussion On The Russia Investigation

CNN’s Martin Savidge made a trip to Iowa to sit down and have an interview with four Trump supporters. The issue they voiced their opinion about was the investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia. Each of the four voters clearly sided with Trump and expressed serious doubts about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

They didn’t just have an issue with Robert Mueller, however, they don’t trust the FBI in general. Former baseball player Vincente Javier called the investigation a “political witch hunt from the get-go.” and a “disgrace.” When Savidge asked Javier if he has faith in the FBI, Javier stated, “Hell no. Absolutely not.” Each of the voters nodded their head when asked if they believe the FBI has a political bias.

Kevin Slaman, one of the voters being interviewed commented, “They all want to prep us by saying it’s not the FBI, it’s the leadership of the FBI that has politicized this. In this situation, the people that are at the top of the food chain have decided that they don’t like the game. They’re gonna change it. They’re going to play by their rules.”

When asked if they believed President Trump has attempted to derail or obstruct the Russia investigation they all shook their heads and praised Trump for saying bring it on. They were, however, divided on the release of the Democratic memo. When asked about its release Kevin stated, “Yes. Yes, full transparency.” Another voter, Jason Neighbor, on the other hand, said he has no need to read the memo and just wants to move on as a country.

Although these supporters believe the Russia Investigation is flawed, they want to see it through. They want the investigation to run its course and let the truth come out.

At the end of the segment, Savidge concluded by saying it’s clear that Trump supporters believe, “the Russia investigation is nothing more than a political scheme, that was fabricated and now is being perpetuated by Democrats and others who simply can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is president.”

I can agree with the voters in Iowa, although I don’t think the investigation will be over anytime soon. The left is continuously masquerading the facts and fighting back at every turn to cover their trail of filth.

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