Ginsburg Still Delusional On 2016 Presidential Election Victory


Last year Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg made a comment when speaking with Charlie Rose, co-host of “CBS This Morning”, saying that there is no doubt Trump won the 2016 election because of sexism. She later apologized saying that her comments were “ill-advised” and that judges should never speak about political candidates.

If you watch the video of the interview, the then 84-year-old Supreme Court Justice repeats the questions she’s being asked multiple times, which makes you wonder why there isn’t a mandatory retirement age. She even responds like her mind is gone, which is usually the case for most Liberals.

During a Columbia University Women’s Conference event on Sunday, Ginsburg once again stands by her comments. “I think it was difficult for Hillary Clinton to get by the macho atmosphere. From prevailing during that campaign.” She even stated that anyone watching the campaign unfold would say the same thing. The old bat has lost her mind.

We all watched the campaign unfold and we all saw how the media put Hillary on a pedestal. Every chance the left got they found ways to slander Trump. Whether it was calling him negative names or coming up with “fake news” trying to give Hillary every possible inch she needed to win. No matter how much they tried to sway the American people, it just wasn’t enough to erase intellectual thought.

It wasn’t sexism or any other “ism”. The amount of work the left had to do and has to continue doing to cover up their criminal activities is probably one of the reasons the 2016 election turned out the way it did.

Supreme Court Judge Ginsburg has blatantly shown that she is not fit to remain in her position. It’s time to go, Ginsburg, your actions and speech do not reflect the honor and respect of a United States Supreme Court Justice.

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